Out with the old – And in with the older

Summer is running high-speed to make up for the rainy spring, useless winter skin is blushing at the very sight of UV and the sun is not setting until 21.00. I finally spend some love on the exterior, sealing cracks and touching up rust. My 150W solar panels are giving me more than I can even use, and just as the Phoenix my 85 Ah Battery it is revived each day. I am considering to buy a “Crock pot” and extending the kitchen in order to save money on gas (that obviously costs more than the sun) and a little fan for warm days. What other gadgets to hook up on a 12V system?

This far, nothing in the interior has been bought new, and my suppressed fetish for second-hand shops has finally bloomed. Some things I find in a container, others in my basement, and people I pass buy are sometimes glad to give me their dusty garage-treasures. All together the renovation has cost me around 600 EUR and I am still experimenting with my travelling budget. One step at the time, the Pearl is tuned into a wonderland. A 6 mobile home, exploring the limits of self-sufficient and mobile living.


The edge between metal and fiberglas is one of the weak links, it became obvious as I ripped out the wallpapers. Brushing, scrubbing, sanding and re-sealing.


My little mobile garden is slowly growing. Who sais you cant grow food in nylonstockings? The cockpit is not that different from a greenhouse, though water is a challange. Finding micro-climates in the most unexpected places: Peppermint is happily drying, dark and warm with a swift breeze from the windows.


No true hippie-van without pennants! These ones made from old biology books.


My grandmother was using up all her lefover wool and made this incredible pelt that will cover up the worn-out passenger seats.


Washing up station: An old enema-container from “Kockum” with a matching cup, the ceramic “Mjöl” box is for ashes and washing up liquid. The sink underneath is emptied manually. Simple, but working just fine.


Storage going up the walls, almost 2m high, the roof and walls are the most efficent way to stack and store. In the back is the “bathroom” shelf with a first aid box. As much as decoration needs to be highly practical in these living conditions, I cannot help to put mybutterfly-wing-plate-thing on the wall. Grotesce and fashinating.


A happy mess, picture from the far back. Back of the seats are more storage, belonging to the kitchen, I am working on a safe way to store plates and cups here in pockets made from towels.


Old broken mirror and some silicon maked a wonderful little bathroom. I have no plans on a toilet, Hunterwasser was right when he said we should really do our buisness in the forest. A little metall bucket will do for late night/unconvinient occations.


Old linen towels sown into pockets for porslein.


I am fully aware that plastic is very useful and usually used in vans. But when it comes to eating, I cannot stand it. So I choose the fragile rode of old porslein, and this far: No breakages!


How to run a farm – And how NOT to run a blog

From the little I know about blogs: This is not how you do it. You are supposed to be consistent, grammatically correct and have a nice layout and pedagical posts. You are supposed to read other blogs, and comment them, and have advertisement and update often. Well. I will probably keep breaking the rules. Please bear with me.

The Pearl is rolling south, staying at a fraction of all the places I want to explore, but still seem to get stuck (in a muddy sea of fascination, love and dreams) with each one I visit. Ridgedale Permaculture is a little universe of itself. A bubble of proactivity, powered by the most beautiful and humble of souls, something that you don’t fully appreciate or grasp until you step out of it. I was back in the renovated kitchen for the first PDC of the second season, stepping into a pair of very familiar shoes. So excited to meet the new core team that will run the farm for another epic step against a dream, green as the greenest of grasses. Each one of them who succeded to inspire me in their own unique way. And especially Clara Cortadelles, the “graphic manager”, who lucky enough took my camera (collecting dust in the passenger-seat) into her magic hands to capture a glimpse of the different life-forms that run this wonderful farm.

DSC_0921 DSC_0924 DSC_0928 DSC_0988 DSC_0996 DSC_0998DSC_0939 DSC_0936 DSC_0942

Things change here, they change fast. And take your association of fast in your head and speed it up twice and there you have it: Ridgedale. After almost to weeks of intense culinary adventure, I threw myself into the garden to explore my lack of experience and to get dirty. So many possibilities in such a small place. Even my book-project, another dream kept on ice, melted and started growing again. I ran in the forest that I know better than the back of my hand, ate blueberry-flowers as I could not wait for the berries. And all the birds of spring told me, that I will be back soon.

As the rain was a daily visiter for most of May, I left only as the run came out and brough the storm with her: I almost blew off the highway, and one of the yurts on the farm almost turned into an airship.

DSC_1296I have happily dozed off from social media for some time, high on life but stunned by my increasing intolerance towards cities and all that they involve. A frustrating feeling as been lurking in my cluttered mind, un-motivation to work on the van. You know that feeling, when you work really hard for something, and then you have it and your passion and grit goes “… Now what?” I had many small projects, things to fix, repair, sell, buy, build, but it was not until a few days ago that I did it: All in one night. After an intense water-fast and a few dark zombie days, letting body and mind through the garbage out the window, in my head cleared up. Things fell on the right place in the matter of 24 sleepless hours, and a buzz that kept me going like a locomotive until I stepped back with a smile on my face. It is now a home, not because it has a floor, or a bed, or a kitchen. but because it has a soul. And the good thing is that it is not even finished.

Designing a tiny Home

Roughly 6m2 wood (pine) for the roof and floor is purchased together with linseed-oil and glue for the wallpapers. This weekend will be intense carpentry, and I discoverd the local second hand with a universe of recourses. Stainless-steel sink for 35 KR and a gas-stove that I did a final bid at for 335 KR on the online auction-site “Tradera”. Designprocess is getting started and using the principles of permaculture when trying to fullfill my needs on a 3m2 space that is “The pearl”. LED-spotligts are going up in the roof and the hysterical wallpapers with flowers are ready to decorate the walls as a substitute for that fact that I will be missing a real-life garden.